Chartered Accountant / Assistant Manager

Opening for the post of Manager/Ass. Manager into CA Firm.

Roles and Responsibility

Strategic Planning

  • Actively engage in the planning of the assignment along Reporting Manager and/or partner.
  • Manage multiple projects by planning the available resources.
  • Estimate time and cost benefit analysis of projects.

Project Management

  • Ensure the deliverables of the projects assigned within stipulated timelines with the focus on client satisfaction.
  • Sustainable profitable deliverables on all the allocated projects through focus on budgeting, cost analysis and cost optimization.
  • Ensure complete activities related to the assignment are handled with minimum supervision of Reporting Manager and/or partner.
  • Understand clients’ expectation and to equip the team to meet the expectations.
  • Conduct/review, supervise assignments in accordance with the firm’s internal SOP’s and provide periodic updates to Reporting Manager and/or Partner.
  • Review the reports prepared by the team.

Client Management

  • Professionally manage and build client relationship.
  • Effectively communicate with the client.
  • Understand and align well with client requirements.
  • Have the ability to provide comfort and gain client confidence by showcasing subject expertise.
  • Smoothly coordinate with the client and internal teams.

Team Management

  • Delegate appropriately, duties and responsibilities to equipped and resourced employees, nurturing and developing them whilst ensuring standards of operation and confidentiality are maintained.
  • Monitor employee morale and ensures team members performance feedback and development. Work closely with all Managers and other team members to ensure that they take an active role in the training conducted by SPN.
  • Cultivate a cohesive, creative, and comfortable working environment, mediating any interpersonal issues within the team.
  • Ensure that all members understand the team’s objectives and work together to achieve it. Constant monitoring to ensure that everyone is working towards the same goal.
    • Experience and Location

      • Department: Audit & Assurance
      • Chartered Accountant with 2-3 years of experience
      • Location: New Delhi

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